Sparkle 2 Evo free for 24 hours!


25, 2014


Darwin said everything comes from an evolutionary process that takes millions years. Now you can take the control of it and be its protagonists making a being evolve from its early moments.

With “Sparkle 2 evo” you have the possibility to try to be the genetic manipulators of a tiny aquatic being that, according to what you feed it with, can become an aggressive carnivore, a sluggish herbivore or an insidious omnivore. It’s appropriate to say: you are what you eat.

The game is normally at $2.99 but only for 24hours it’s free in partnership with myAppFree app and will be the App of the Day on 26th December 2014.

A game in which you will determine the natural selection and choose which species will survive and become the strongest: Download Sparkle Evo 2.


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