SpaceScribble updated with new spaceship


11, 2014

Quite recently, SpaceScribble got updated including some bug fixes for a better stability and a new high-end spaceship, as well as support for touch-only controls.

For those who don’t know SpaceScribble: This game attains great success in China as one of the top 10 shooter games with more than 180k downloads and an average 4.5 star rating worldwide. Its astonishing action and the unique scribble-stlye makes SpaceScribble an outstanding space-shooter exclusively for Windows Phone.

“SpaceScribble is a free and addictive space shooter.Yet another wearisome lecture. Not again! You take your pencil and scribble some spaceships, planets and asteroids on your sketch block. Suddenly, your sketches become real! Is it a dream? So what! Take the challenge and become the ruler of your own universe!”


  • Challenging levels
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Online leaderboards
  • Different spaceships and weapons
  • Power ups and upgrades
  • Hand-drawn textures
  • Unique scribble style
  • Touch and sensor controls

So check it out today and download SpaceScribble from the Windows Phone Store for FREE.

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