Space Cube released – price drop for Space Tube!

Space Tube & Space Cube - now in the Marketplace!!!

I’m proud to announce the release of Space Cube for Windows Phone 7, a classic game you might know as Qub3D from GTA 4.The goal is to place incoming blocks so that they form blocks. Sounds very similar to Tetris, but the blocks behave differently;  just try by yourself!

  • brand new graphics engine Xpecular offers amazing lighting effects
  • catchy soundtrack
  • highscores
  • increasing difficulty
  • exclusive wallpapers

get Space Cube for $0.99 or try the free trial!
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Secondly I would like to announce a heavy price drop of the famous Space Tube; it’s now only $0.99! In Space Tube you gain the control over an amazingly fast ship you have to steer through a tunnel by tilting your phone.

  • smooth and colorful graphics with some appealing effects
  •  27 levels with 4 game modes (classic, adrenaline, time attack and freestyle) •6 bonus levels
  • 3 difficulty levels (beginner, professional and expert)
  • challenging infinite mode
  • many different barricades and pickups such as boosts or repair items
  • ultimate speed feeling
  • highscores and unlockable trophies
  • detailed statistics
  • soundtrack by „Professor Kliq“
  • winner of the “You Make IT Smart” competition!!!

get Space Tube for $0.99 or try the free trial!
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