Developer Submission: Sort My Stuff ! A handy Universal App


Here comes a new Universal App for Windows 10! Its name is Sort My Stuff !

This app lets you create a visual inventory and can be used in many ways: quickly find stuff in your garage, find things when moving out, create a little inventory of a small business…

The app can be downloaded as a free trial with some features restricted to the paid version which costs 1.99$. It’s available for any Windows 10 device (phones, PCs, tablets … )

This is the description of the app form the Windows 10 store:

” Sort My Stuff ! is the ultimate organizer APP available for all Windows Devices!
Create a visual inventory of your stuff, search and find everything in seconds!
You can categorize all your items selecting a Location and an Area for them: Location>Area>Items.
For each item you may specify: Name, Category, Quantity, Price, Additional Information (like a serial number or a description). A photo can also be attached to each item, the more photos you add the more time it will take to export your configurations.
The search function lets you find items by Name or Category.
Perfect for:
-Home Inventory
-For Your Move
-Small Business Inventory
The configurations are saved safely on your device (or where you export them), no need to worry about sharing your data on the net!
The color of the GUI is adjusted to match the color of your device theme!
Trial version never expires.
Features only available in paid version:
*Banner free experience
*Export and Import your inventory to/from anywhere (device memory, SD card, OneDrive). This allows you to backup all your data and have different inventories for different houses and places.
Help us improve!…give us a good rating and send us your ideas to the support email! ”

Sort My Stuff !
Sort My Stuff !
Developer: Nemo Labs
Price: Free

Windows 10 store link

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