Sony Recalling Vaio Fit 11A Hybrid Laptops Over Battery Fire Risk

At CES earlier this year, Sony announced the new Vaio Flip 11 which is a 11-inch convertible and will have the same innovative hinge design that will allow your device to convert from traditional laptop to tablet. It also has N-trig digitizer allowing for pressure-sensitive pen input. It weighs 2.82 pounds.

Sony is now recalling these Vaio Fit 11A and has asked customers to stop using it as soon as possible. Sony revealed that there is a risk that batteries on these new Vaio devices overheating and catching fire.

Sony has revealed that it has sold a total of 25,905 Vaio products world-wide since it kicked off sales in February, including 497 in the U.S., 7,158 in Europe, 2,088 in China and 3,619 in Japan.

Source: WSJ