Sony is working on a Peloton competitor

Peloton has had great success with their networked, big-screened exercise bike, but it appears the company should be bracing for some competition if a recently unearthed patent application from Sony is anything to go by.

The design patent, which was filed in March 2018, is for a “combined media player and fitness machine” does not reveal much about the technology of the device, but the large curved screen suggests the possibility of a fully immersive Tour de France experience amongst others. Sony does, after all, make the very popular PlayStation console, so clearly have the chops to produce an interactive exercise device.

Unfortunately, we do not know the status of the project, or how much it will cost, but the better Peloton does, the more likely it seems Sony will eventually try and grab a share of that success for themselves.

Se the full design patent here.

Via WinUnited


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