In a proposed class-action lawsuit, as reported by Bloomberg, it’s claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC is operating a monopoly by restricting purchases of PlayStation games. 

Since just over two years ago Sony has restricted sales of download codes for PlayStation games to exclusively their own PlayStation Store, so codes are no longer able to be sold by Amazon or Walmart, for instance.  

Bloomberg reports that the proposed lawsuit alleges that because of this Sony has created an unlawful monopoly that’s caused people to pay as much as 175% over the same game on disk. 

With other retailers able to compete with one another and sell codes at a reduced cost, the restriction has allowed Sony to “charge supracompetitive prices for digital PlayStation games” according to the suit.

As Tom Warren of The Verge pointed out on Twitter, it’s “worth pointing out this is only a ‘proposed class action suit’ right now. Many class-action suits never get off the ground,” so Sony might not have much reason to be concerned if they’re paying it any attention at all right now. 

If it does go anywhere, it might just be one to watch, having wide-reaching industry implications. Of course, we’ll do our best to keep you updated with any juicy details.