Sony Has Spent Far More On PS4 TV Ads Than Microsoft’s Xbox One This Year

Microsoft’s Xbox One is lagging behind Sony’s PS4 in sales. Lots of factors can be said to justify the same, but many analysts believe that Xbox One’s pricing was the significant one. Microsoft realized this and announced a new SKU for a cheaper price last month. Another factor could be around marketing of the console. Microsoft positioned Xbox One as the all-in-one entertainment console whereas Sony marketed it as the pure gaming console. A recent report from WSJ reveals that Sony is now out-spending Microsoft in TV ads for promoting their consoles. According to numbers from January 2014 through May via research firm iSpot, Sony had spent $59M to Microsoft’s $34.7M. Sony spent the most on networks like FOX, FOX Sports, Comedy Central, ESPN and TNT. Microsoft spent a lot on the two FOX channels and Comedy Central, AMC and TBS.

The brand’s most digitally effective ad year-to-date is its “All-in-One” spot, which shows off everything the new Xbox One entertainment system can do. The commercial aired more than 1,300 times on national TV since its January debut and has an estimated ad spend of $12.1 million, according to iSpot. The ad has also amassed more than one million online views and more than 6,000 social actions.

May be Microsoft should try to spend more marketing dollars until the Xbox One sales reaches PS4 levels. What do you think? Read more about it from the links below.

Source: WSJ via: Forbes

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