Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 MR1 update a disaster?

Sony Ericsson Xperia x2 MR 1 disaster

We received this very interesting e-mail from Dominik telling us about his woes with the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 MR1 update, which has been lauded for being comprehensive, with many improvements and has even been called “the best update ever”.

It seems everyone spoke well too soon.

Dominik writes:

Few days after X2 upgrade this is a disaster.

This device is a biggest shame I’ve seen in my life.

Basically this is unpredictable, unstable, unfinished and not proper piece of “crap”. Things randomly keep stopping working, device freezing constantly without any reason. The device has BASIC operation problems like camera not working, memory card not seen by the device – all needing soft resets.

Current behaviour of X2 is like a first firmwares I’ve seen on P990, few years back.

After upgrade I’ve had like 10 freezes through 48 hours.

Freezing without any reason – just with normal, ordinary actions I d, switching panels etc..

The software is completely not optimized at all, looks like a not finished.

I was a fan of SE smartphones (used P800, P910, P990, P1, X1). All of them served well.

As regarding X1 people experiences were very different, but generally feedback was good and deserved.

X2 has huge negative feedback right now and I’m not alone.

What is strange, the device did not behave this way before the update.

Please observe the issue. I think if SE will react ASAP, The information should be widely spread around.

You have to agree – this is just completely unacceptable from such a company!

A quick look at the update thread on Sony Ericsson’s blog, which started of rather optimistically, shows that Dominik is far from alone.

Jolo writes:

Even with MR1 applied, this phone is useless with this low level of stability and speed. I’m sorry Sony Ericsson but the Software quality of your products is a shame.

Schaotan on XDA-Developers write:

Like many others, I’m disappointed by the upgrade.
Phone is faster, surely, but random freezes are still occurring. I’m trying to troubleshoot, adapt my phone usage habits to prevent freezes, but its really bothersome and of little to no use.
Probably a brilliant strategy by Sony to get me to spend even more upgrading to the X10. Though why i let myself be repeatedly suckered by Sony is beyond me.

It appears that the MR1 update, while late, was still rushed out without proper testing. leaving even formerly satisfied users very unhappy indeed.

Have any of our readers applied the update? Let us know your experience below.

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