Sony Ericsson Isn’t Going Windows Phone, After All

Seems like Sony Ericsson isn’t preparing a Windows Phone, after all. Two days ago, Sony Ericsson’s Dutch Twitter account tweeted a photo teasing a new phone, and that photo had a lot of tiles buried throughout – possibly hinting at the announcement of a Windows Phone 7 device next week at the Consumer Electronics Show. It was a bit far-fetched, sure, but a nice catch nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the handset maker just put up a new picture on Facebook, part of which you can see above. The interesting – disappointing – bit here is the bottom-right part: It clearly shows a button toggling between camera and video modes, and it’s definitely not the Metro style one as found on Windows Phone 7 devices.

So, it’s just another Android phone. But with marketing budgets of $200 million for the US alone and the launch of new LTE flagship devices from Nokia, HTC and Samsung, Windows Phone will hopefully do fine without Sony Ericsson.