Sony Ericsson Aspen first impressions, pictures

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SE-First has managed to nab some of the first high quality live pictures of the Sony Ericsson Aspen, and also managed to give us their first impressions.

Apparently the Greenheart phone is for "consumers or companies who want to make a green choice in their daily work life".

On the device SE-First says:

So, what’s new in Windows Mobile 6.5.3? In general, the UI has become a bit more finger friendly compared to 6.5, i.e. bigger icons, dropdown entries etc. Sony Ericsson’s custom addition, the SlideView, is already known from the Xperia X2. It provides quick access to messaging, media player, calendar and – as a novelty – Facebook contact information such as comments and posts.

The full featured QWERTY keyboard provides an OK haptic feedback, however the surface of the keys are a little bit too slippery. The device itself feels comfortable in your hands.

In silver and black the smartphone certainly looks a lot better than in its white version, but I cant help but be turned of by the extremely small and low resolution screen.

See many more pictures at SE-First here.