Sony brands new Bravia TVs as PS5 ready with 8K, 120fps support

July 30, 2020
PlayStation 5 price PS5 ready sony Bravia next-gen

Sony has started to brand certain Bravia televisions as PS5 ready on the run up to release of their next-generation games console. 

Reported by VGC, the new marketing slogan can be seen attributed to two televisions:  the Sony Bravia ZH8 and XH90/92.

Both televisions are labelled as PS5 ready due to their 4K 120fps support; both displays will see a firmware update that will enable them to display images up to 8K. The details on how this resolution is rendered are not included.

PS5 ready sony Bravia next-gen

Both PS5 ready TVs will feature from numerous PlayStation features. The included Bravia remote control will allow users to control their PS5, the next-gen DualSense controller can turn on the TV and console at the same time and there will be an ultra-low latency Game Mode.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is currently in its production process with supply chain insiders saying that the console is designed to have a shorter 5-year lifespan. The next-gen console is internally estimated to sell 120 million units within that timeline; Sony is increasing production to meet demand this Holiday.

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