Sony Announces New ‘Fit’ Series, Inexpensive Mainstream Windows 8 Laptops

Sony Viao Fit Windows 8

Sony yesterday revealed a new series of laptops branded as ‘Fit’. The new ‘Fit’ series devices are inexpensive, mainstream laptops targeting consumers who are looking for a step up and want more of a premium design but still at lower price. Vaio Fit 14 $649 model comes with NFC, aluminum body, a touch screen with a display resolution of 1,600×900 pixels. You can get full 1080p display for $699. Also Vaio Fit E14 and E15 comes with 1,366×768 screen at $547 and $579 for the 14- and 15-inch models, respectively.

The Vaio Fit 14 and 15, Fit E 14 and 15 will be available from mid-May.

via: CNET