Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel has its Knuckles


11, 2021

After the surprising success of the first movie, the sequel to 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog is in full swing, and Idris Elba has been cast as Knuckles. 

Idris Elba, known most recently for playing Bloodsport in James Gunn’s recent The Suicide Squad movie, announced this role on Twitter by showing a picture of Knuckles’ knuckles alongside the caption “knock, knock….”

Alongside Knuckles, and of course, the titular Sonic the Hedgehog, this sequel, due out in 2022, will also feature Tails, who appeared at the end of the first movie, being voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessey.

With screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller, as well as director Jeff Fowler, returning, hopefully, this sequel, appropriately titled Sonic the Hedgehog 2, will have the same fun energy while being good enough to receive the high praise of being called a “decent time.” 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is currently planned for a release, in theatres, on April 8th, 2022. Hopefully, since we shouldn’t have a repeat of the animation disaster that was the first film’s original trailer, the sequel shouldn’t be hit with any lengthy delays.

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