Sonic CD game coming to Windows Phone, near everywhere else

imageSEGA has announced the release of Sonic CD, the Mega CD title that first introduced Metal Sonic and Amy Rose on the  Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation network PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and also Windows Phone 7 this holiday season.

On Windows Phone 7 the game will likely be an Xbox Live title and features somewhat updated graphics.

"Ask any Sonic fan to name their favourite games, and Sonic CD always ranks near the top of their lists," said Haruki Satomi, vice president of digital business at SEGA. "Sonic CD marks an important chapter in Sonic’s history, bridging the gap between his oldest adventures and his new digital exploits like Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I. We’ve made sure the re-mastered edition has everything that Sonic fans want to see with all of the original colourful classic zones."

The game marks the first wide-spread release on all major gaming platforms simultaneously, hopefully a trend for future gaming titles.