Something’s up with Marketplace

marketplace2 Recent Marketplace announcements have not exactly had a joyous reception. The news that developers would have to pay again for application updates have been extremely controversial with larger developers being welcoming and smaller developers pretty miffed.

There has been further bad news, in that Marketplace is apparently not set to come to the Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.0 installed base, which seems a rather self-defeating move, as it will limit the market to whatever Windows Mobile manages to sell over the next few months, instead of the 50 million installed base.

It seems some thing is however set to change, with Loke Uei Tan, Windows Mobile Technical Product manager, leaving this enigmatic post on the  Backstage at the MED page.

Hopefully the good news is Microsoft stepping back on one or both of the above, but we shall have to keep a close eye on the WMDEV twitter feed for more info.