Something for You!


I know you guys have been waiting for what we have, and I personally have tried to get the news to you as quick as possible, so here it is:


1) WMPoweruser Series ROMz- Yes that’s right, we have our own ROM series. The ROM series will run on the Touch Pro2(of course), Touch HD2, Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro, Touch Diamond(maybe) and more phones to be confirmed. You might be asking what is different from these ROMz compared to  others…… well nothing really, this ROM was made from the description you gave use 10 days ago. The most important part of the ROM is stability and we try to achieve that as best we can. The following attribute we tried to accommodate is Speed, no one wants a slow and stable phone.

The ROMz will be released as we receive them from the cooks, and it will include the cooks name, the download link and their donate link(Because they deserve it, and they worked hard to get everything you wanted in a short time). The first ROM which is currently uploading is the Touch Pro2, so that will be out soon.

The ROM series will grow to other devices as we see fit. The ROMz will be updated every 2-4 weeks and we will always ask you 5 days before the Due update period to give us your Device names and the things you like changed and we will work on getting that for you. We worked hard on this and we all hope you like it, thanks to all the chefs and designers that will be listed as their ROMz come in.

2) WMPoweruser Mobile site- This one we are trying to figure out a way to get it going, but we will try and launch it as soon as possible.

3) WMPoweruser Mobile App- We are also working on this, we did not plan for a mobile site or app, but since a lot of members seem to want that, we will try our best to meet your demands.

Again This is a gift to you the readers and to the person that made this site possible Surur, so this gift is for you guys and him, as a thank you. We hope this helps some of our users and hopefully you will have your device being powered by a device specific WMPoweruser user series ROM and  while viewing our mobile site.

From All of us here at WMPoweruser and the Cooks


P.S: I am sorry for the tease I just always wanted to be like apple and make an incredible vague and over hyped post. I apologize, and I hope you are as excited about this as we are.

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