Some Xbox One Users Are Reporting Black Screen Issues After February System Update

Microsoft last week announced that they have started the roll-out of February system update for Xbox One customers. As you already know, this update includes several new improvements such as the ability to see and manage your storage space, ability to use your USB keyboard,  and more. Some Xbox One users are reporting on both the Xbox One support forums and Reddit’s Xbox thread that they are facing weird black screen issues. Their screens now go black when they press the Xbox Button on their controllers even though the audio remains alive. This is not like Red Ring of Death, you can bring up your Xbox One by unplugging and replugging your consoles or by doing reset(holding down the power button to reset the machine).

Microsoft’s Xbox support confirmed the issue and said that it is aware of the problem and suggested the rebooting of console as the temporary fix. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this issue soon.