Some Windows Phone 7 device coming to T-Mobile USA on 17th November?

According to some Windows Phone 7 smartphone is coming to T-Mobile USA on the 17th November 2010.

Now unfortunately they are getting caught up in the whole HTC HD3/7 hoax and appear to be conflating all the HTC Windows Phone 7 devices, but if we think back a few months to that leaked T-Mobile roadmap we did see the HTC Mozart was coming to the carrier.

We certainly do not think the HTC Mozart/HTC Schubert is HTC HD7 material, and hope for something a bit more impressive in that line.

What is however good news is that we are finally hearing of a carrier other than AT&T getting a Windows Phone 7 device in the launch window.  Of course we have not heard any major news from USA’s largest carrier, Verizon, but we have had a tip from Zuner@Heart, who notes that a rep had told him a device will be coming before the end of the year.  Of course we all know how much cell phone reps know 🙂 .

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