Some Windows Phone 7 developers will have access to native code

Some developers will have access to the deeper layers of code on Windows phone 7The Register reports on an interesting rumour.  They note that performance for XNA and Silverlight may not be up to the task for all applications, but that Microsoft had a solution for this issue.

They report the native Windows Phone 7 framework is called Iris, and that some developers, like Spotify, have already been given access to this software layer.

This information by itself is not new – Microsoft has in fact said for some time that they would grant special access for major applications like Adobe’s Flash and also for alternate browser makers like Opera and Firefox.

What is however very interesting is that the bar for entry is so low that a streaming music app would qualify, implying even software such as high profile games may be granted access, and meaning complaints about developers not having access to native code may be a moot point for applications where performance really matters.

Do our readers feel this negates another Windows Phone 7 criticism? Let us know below.