Some tidbits about WM “7”. What, when and why so long ;)

image Since the leaked screenshots showing what WM7 will look like we couldn’t wait to see it on real device. It was supposed to come this year. But the only thing we got is WM6.5 and in near future 6.5.1 but we are still waiting for 7.

That is why I decided to make a post about what I gathered from all over the internet about "7".It includes possible specs and timelines. I decided not to include any leaked pictures cause we all know what they look like. Hope you will find it helpful 🙂

I will start with rumours:

1) for now it is based on .NET CF 3.7 but in the end should run .NET CF 4

2) It will support Windows Presentation Foundation

3) the whole OS should be rendered by a compositing window manager fully supporting openGL ES, probably 2.0

4) openGL ES will be the main API used by OS

5) it will have integrated Zune Player similar to the one from Zune HD

6) it will have full support for multi touch

7) MyPhone will be improved and will tie all live services into one allowing remote management of device and many more

Ok so now we go to timeline. Device Manufacturers should receive the code late this year and first devices should be released somewhere around April 2010. If they meet their timeline we should be seeing many devices announced at MWC in Barcelona next year.

If this is all true we should expect something really different from what we have now. Completely new UI, new graphic engine for the OS, new possibilites for the developers. What more do we need? Well the answer is easy. Confirmation that it will be as good as we want it to be.

I would like to thanks Da_G and Mary Jo Foley. If it wasn’t for them and their informations(posts of Da_G and articles of MJF) we still wouldn’t know a thing about WM7 🙂

For the end I decided to share with you my wishlist for WM7:

1) Windows CE 7 as the core

2) Consistent UI for the whole OS and the 3rd party applications

3) Full SDK that would allow developers to easily write apps for every type of device

4) Certification program for new functions. If the ODM will decide to add function that wasn’t in the OS from the beginning he will have to send it to MS so that they could check it and add it to the SDK and the clean OS so that it could be used by other ODM’s. This would make developers life easier.

5) FOTA. System updated by MS from their servers but ODM and operators updates send through their own servers. This way we won’t have to wait for the operator or ODM for update.

6) Full Flash GPU acceleration for smooth web browsing

In your comment please write what would you like to see in WM7 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading my post 🙂

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