Some PS5 preorders won’t be fulfilled until next year



Gamers who excitedly preordered a next-gen PlayStation 5 may be left disappointed on launch day as some PS5 preorders won’t be fulfilled until next year. 

Reported by VGC, multiple customers at GameStop Ireland received an email that said it will not be able to fulfill some preorder requests due to “circumstances out of our control”.

Instead of the preorder period allowing customers to reserve a console for launch day, PS5 preorders are instead reserving places in a virtual queue to receive a next-gen console.

Those who have PS5 preorders will be able to cancel their place in the queue at any time or keep their place in hopes of getting their next-gen console earlier than some. Check out the email below:

PS5 preorders GameStop
Looks like some won’t be getting their next-gen console this Christmas.

GameStop isn’t the only online retailer that’s going to struggle with low console allocation from Sony this holiday. UK retailer ShopTo revealed that their allocation numbers from Sony means they’ll not be able to fulfill their preorder numbers. Amazon has followed suit.

The PlayStation 5 has two release date this holiday. On November 12th the console will launch for America, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Other countries will get the console on November 19th.

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