Some new Apollo rumours


27, 2012

Author Surur // in News, Rumour

ms nerd apollo rumor

MSNerd, who has a reputation for being at least somewhat  accurate, has just posted on twitter some encouraging news for Windows Phone users.

Firstly, contrary to rumours spread  by Eldar, MSNerd claims Apollo will be coming to all Windows Phones, and that the Apollo generation of devices will include both high end and low-end handsets. This logic is of course obvious, with even Apple playing in the low-end game by still selling the iPhone 3GS very successfully.

Some have claimed that supporting Apollo on old generation handsets will result in Windows Phone 8 not taking full advantage of the new capabilities of modern hardware.  To that MSNerd responds, again logically, that Apollo will include features that will only be available on newer chipsets, and that even even lower end Tango handsets will get only a subset of Apollo features.

It does however sound as if Microsoft will maintain the unity of the code base over all Windows Phone 7 handsets for some time still, which is great news for users, developers and the ecosystem in general.

Hopefully we will hear confirmation rumours over the next few days when Microsoft talks about Tango and possibly Apollo.


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