Some more juicy Mango bits

Long Zheng from has collected some titbits from a collection of Channel 9 videos published by Microsoft revealing some of the 500 features Microsoft has been cagey about, and also the attention the Windows Phone 7 team continue to give to battery life.

Some of the info revealed in the 3 videos are:

  • Developers can almost do with live tiles everything Microsoft could do. The exception being some animations that were deemed too battery intensive and are restricted from third party use. (Didn’t state example)
  • Background multitasking was the hardest challenge where the default response from performance team is “no” to anything that might consume more battery.
  • Sweet spot for background idle tasks is 15 seconds (subject to change). Profiled many standard devices, analysed and optimized free CPU slices by moving around system tasks.
  • Worked with Microsoft Research to optimize generational garbage collection for ARM instruction set. The result of this is that third party applications running on Mango automatically benefit from roughly 20% less memory footprint.
  • Search-above-lock enables users to hold the search button from the lock screen to jump straight into Bing, similar to camera.
  • Local Scout was inspired by “pocket to suggestion in 7 seconds” mantra, get useful activities without any typed input.
  • Developer of Bing Vision required driver and pipeline optimization to ensure high camera frame rate whilst tracking and updating results live.
  • Threading by default will always respond with the same medium the received message was sent from (Facebook, TXT, Messenger).
  • Cut one feature that was determined to be too complex for the power – (vaguely described as) combining many communication concepts into a unified experience, issue being one screen that tried to do everything.

    The videos can be seen at Channel 9 here. ( communications with Ian Todd, search with Jared Brown and application platform with Andrew Clinick. )

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