Some Interesting Patent Applications From Google & Apple

Usually we post on interesting patents applied by Microsoft. For a change, I thought of publishing some recent interesting patent filings from Microsoft’s arch rivals Apple & Google.

From Google,

Live Wallpaper: (Android stuff)

Display of on-screen elements is coordinated, which includes generating a graphical wallpaper representation in a first process on a first visual layer on a display of a computing device, generating one or more graphical objects in a second process on a second visual layer of the display, wherein the second visual layer is positioned visually on top of the first visual layer, receiving user interactions with the one or more graphical objects and generating information that reflects the user interactions, and communicating the generated information to the first process.

Social Messaging User Interface (Android stuff)

Hubs for social interaction via electronic devices are described. In one aspect, a data processing device includes a display screen displaying a social interaction hub, the social interaction hub including a collection of records. Each record includes a counterparty identifier identifying a counterparty of a past social interaction event, a mode indicium identifying a mode by which the past social interaction event with the counterparty occurred, and a collection of mode indicia each identifying a mode by which a future, outgoing social interaction event with the counterparty can occur. The counterparty identifier, the mode indicium, and the collection of mode indicia are associated with one another in the records of the social interaction hub.


According to one general aspect, a method for playing, in an offline mode, a media file may include receiving, by a web browser operating in an online mode and from a content server, a media file and at least one advertisement associated with the media file. The method may further include caching, within a local file system, the media file and the at least one advertisement. The method may also include playing, in an offline mode, the cached media file and the cached at least one advertisement. The method also comprise detecting a user interaction, while in an offline mode, with the at least one advertisement. The method may include caching the user interaction for further processing when in an online mode.

From Apple,


Playlists having media items from more than one source are described. Media items in a first library are mapped to media items from an online media item store. Media items within the playlist that can be found in the first library will be played from the first library, while media items not within the first library will be played from the online media store. By identifying media items present in both libraries and playing them only from the first library, the described method can reduce the royalties needing to be paid by the online media store. Further methods are disclosed for setting limits on the number of media items that can be shared by a second library.


The present technology provides a purchasing interface within an application that allows users to purchase a product from another source without leaving the application. The application offers a product for purchase, and a user, desiring to purchase the product can provide an input effective to cause a purchasing interface to be displayed. While the purchasing interface, or information presented therein, comes from the product source, which is different than the application source, it is presented in such a fashion that gives the impression to the user that they are purchasing the product directly from the application.

Automatically Adapting User Interfaces For Hands-Free Interaction ( Siri stuff)

A user interface for a system such as a virtual assistant is automatically adapted for hands-free use. A hands-free context is detected via automatic or manual means, and the system adapts various stages of a complex interactive system to modify the user experience to reflect the particular limitations of such a context. The system of the present invention thus allows for a single implementation of a complex system such as a virtual assistant to dynamically offer user interface elements and alter user interface behavior to allow hands-free use without compromising the user experience of the same system for hands-on use.

After reading all these, I should mention about Microsoft’s recent patent application on mobile payments,


The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or a method that facilitates securing a wireless digital transaction. A terminal component can receive a portion of data related to a payment for at least one of a good or a service. A mobile device can include at least one mobile payment card (m-card), wherein the m-card is created by establishing a link to an account associated with a form of currency. The mobile device can employ public-key cryptography (PKC) to securely and wirelessly transmit a payment to the terminal component utilizing the m-card and linked account.

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