Some Interesting Info On Microsoft Surface From Reddit AMAA Session

Microsoft Surface team answered questions from various users on Reddit today. Here are some interesting info gathered from there,

  1. If you buy a 32GB Surface, after the OS, OfficeRT and a bunch of apps, you will still have about 20GB free space. You cannot install apps on the SD card you insert into Surface, but you can move your photos, music and videos.
  2. Why no 3G/4G models: “We made what we feel is World Class WiFi connectivity. For 3G/4G we looked at several elements when deciding on what features to include. We knew that the primary use was going to be in the home, we looked at tablet sales data 2/3 WiFi, 1/3 Mobile Broadband. Of the 1/3 sold, 1/2 were activated. Phone hotspot / tethering use was also a consideration.”
  3. Regarding usage of TouchCover and TypeCover: “Hey this is Stevie, yes absolutely. Both TouchCover and TypeCover have sensors that understand orientation relative to Surface… in fact the Type and Touch Covers talk to Surface to figure out their relative position no matter the orientation of gravity of the device (pretty neat!). There are 3 positions modes: Closed (keys and mouse are off), Open to 180 degrees (keyboard and mousepad on), beyond 180 degrees to the back (keys and mouse off). That way you can flip back the covers and feel secure you are not pressing keys by mistake.”
  4. For now, Only Touch Covers are available in different colors.
  5. On absence of NFC on Surface – “the Mg metal enclosure, including the back case, was critical. This made good antenna design for NFC a trade-off in our development process.”

Source: Reddit