Some German Windows Phone 7 titbits

wp7germanyThe Tomorrow May Never Come blog has had some hands-on time with a Windows Phone 7 handset and spoke to Microsoft reps at dmexco and came away with some interesting info.

He reports that we can expect up to 12 handsets on different carriers from LG, Samsung, HTC and Dell on launch day, some time in mid-October, and some devices will be exclusive to some carriers, like T-Mobile Germany, and may even be own-branded, like T-Mobile’s MDA range for example.

He also reported that OEM’s are apparently very happy with Windows Phone 7, due t the cost saving from not having to develop a whole new UI for each device. He notes for example the development of HTC Sense took 4 months of revenue to pay back, a cost HTC is happy not to incur anymore.

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