Softmaker Office suite for Windows Mobile reviewed



Users of a recent competing smartphone entrant sometimes say Windows Mobile can not support “desktop class” applications. While this accusation is quite without merit, Windows Mobile applications like Word Mobile and Excel Mobile does not do a lot to dispel this nasty rumour. However, as usual, the amazing third party support on Windows Mobile once again comes to the rescue. An office suite application like Softmaker Office, which allows native creation and editing of office documents without any compromise, certainly demand to be called “Desktop class”

PocketPCMag has reviewed the latest iteration of the software, Softmaker Office 2008, and have come away impressed.

Their conclusion:

Seriously, these tools are truly amazing when you consider they are running on a limited mobile platform. Many of the features are nearly as robust and mature as Microsoft’s desktop suite. However, that does not mean I didn’t encounter issues, or have a few gripes.
Will you be impressed at what you can do with the mobile applications on your Windows Mobile phone or PDA? Absolutely! Could you really use it to do a powerpoint brief while stranded in a snow-storm? Why not!

Read the full review at PocketPCMag here.

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