Social Extension For 4th & Mayor Allows You To Do Foursquare Check-in From Me Tile On WP8.1

4th and Mayor Social Extension

If you remember the WP7 days, 4th and Mayor was one of our favorite apps on the platform that gave us the Foursquare experience. Even though we now have official Foursquare app in Windows Phone Store, 4th & Mayor still works. This app today got updated with bug fixes and there is a new companion app called Social Extension for 4th & Mayor. This extension will improve your Windows Phone 8.1’s social experience by integrating into the “Me” tile. So, you can now do Foursquare check-in from Me tile. It’s a simple app that connects the check-in tile of the OS with the 4th & Mayor app.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.