Last week I wandered down to my local Three Store, put down £100 and walked away with Apple’s latest greatest, the iPhone 6 Plus.

No, I’ve not thrown in the towel on my Lumia 930 – in fact the handset was not even for me, even though I will be the one paying the £50 per month contract for the next 2 years.

No, the reason I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus was as a gift for my wife, and the reason it was an iPhone was because Microsoft has just been too slow in delivering something gift-worthy.

Apple products make great gifts – they combine easily recognized conspicuous consumption with a product that does actually have good utility. Unlike a bunch of roses, which fulfill the first criteria, they will not wilt tomorrow and end up in the bin the next day, but actually give access to a very large world of easily accessible apps and media.

Microsoft has just been too slow in delivering something gift-worthy.

The reason I did not buy my wife another windows phone (she used a Lumia 925 before this) was that they did not have a Boots apps on the platform.  This was just another of a long line of apps which offered their users special deals and discounts, advertised on TV, and which was disappointingly not available on Windows Phone. Now I will never have to have the conversation where I once again explain that No, there is not an app for that in the Windows Phone Store.


The other reason was that of course Microsoft did not have anything gift worthy at my income level – a Lumia 640 XL was just not going to do.

Microsoft is actively losing high-end sales to this demographic, but, of course, the good news is that the problem will go away – but only sometime towards the end of the year.

Microsoft is set to release some flagship handsets, and via Project Astoria will give access to the day-to-day apps which have just not been available on our platform.

Unfortunately in this case (and for all of this year) Microsoft has been just too late. Hopefully, things will be better in another 2 years time.

It’s a nice handset, but the home screen is desperate boring

And how is the iPhone 6 Plus you may ask – it’s a nice handset, but the home screen is desperate boring, and being unable to delete so many of Apple’s rather stupid apps are irritating, but battery life is great.  Being unable to side-load my wife’s music from her Lumia 925 to the iPhone without installing iTunes on my PC easily convinced me that I would never myself want to step into Apple’s gilded cage.

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