Sneak peek at 3rd party music and video hub extension in Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 music hub integration

So far we have heard talk but not seen any demonstration of music and video hub extension in Windows Phone 7.

András  Velvárt, Microsoft MVP, has however used clues in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace policies and a hacked emulator to get a taste of the functionality the hub will provide for 3rd party software.

So far it appears the feature will allow 3rd party media players to add currently playing tracks and play history to the hub, show album art there, and add music downloaded by the third party application to the music and video hub library.

This leaves the door open for 3rd party music stores, which Microsoft’s policy condones, as long as it also allow users to choose the Zune store if available.  It could also allow 3rd parties to download podcasts over 3G for example and still add it to the Zune hub.

As can be seen from the rather jumbled screen shot, the functionality is far from fully baked (which is why you need an unlocked emulator to access the features) but as a taste of what’s to come its pretty sweet.

Read much more detail at András ‘s blog here.