SnapFX – Photobooth for Mango Phones



SnapFX is a Mango app that uses the new APIs available in Windows Phone Mango to apply various image effects in real time to the raw camera feed.

App Description:

SnapFX is an app similar to Photobooth which allows you to apply different camera effects to your photos in real time.

  • Integration with Photos hub
  • Take photos with the camera hardware button
  • Support for Fast App Switching

Current effects include 2 color switchers Horizontal reflection Vertical reflection Black and White

Further updates will add new effects as well as the ability to use existing photos

It’s currently free and ad-free and can be found in Marketplace here.

(This app is great! Its fast and smooth and the colour changer has to be seen to be believed.  It would be better of the effects chooser carousel was on the viewfinder screen also, but it works MUCH better than expected  .. Surur)

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