Snapchat steals FaceApp’s most viral feature



Snapchat is stealing FaceApp’s most memorable feature this year with the launch of Time Machine. No, you won’t be able to travel back in the time and fix your mistakes. What Time Machine does is ls let you pick a time and age or deage yourself as required. Let me run this by you again; you take a selfie and pick one of five options. It ranges from very young all the way to very old, so you’ll be seeing only a limited part of your life. It’s also crap quality wise, but really fun if you’re in the target audience.

The caveat that you’re giving you photo data over to Snapchat still exists like with FaceApp. That said, if you were using Snapchat, you were doing that anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about that didn’t exist anyway.

Here’s a sample of the feature below:

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Snapchat’s Time Machine is rolling out now.

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