Snapchat Lenses has just got a whole lot more powerful

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Snapchat is known for its Lenses feature. Apart from several selfie Lenses, you have got 3D stickers, Bitmoji and more. Snapchat yesterday announced a new way to find the perfect Lens when you need it. With the new AR Bar, you can just press and hold on the Camera screen to shop for products, transform your pet, solve math problems, and more.

Snap is also updating the Lens Studio app with all-new templates and ways to create. A new Lens template called Landmarkers will allow creators to build Lenses that can transform iconic landmarks in real-time. Snap has also announced new templates for hand-tracking, body-tracking, and more.

Scan a math problem to get the answer, or a product to see results on Amazon. Scan your dog to give her goofy glasses, or a song to see who sings it. Scan the sky to see whales swim over the horizon, or scan your hand to watch butterflies emerge as you open your palm.

Source: Snap