Snapchat client Specter back in the store, updated with two factor support and more


When Snapchat app Specter disappeared from the store 2 weeks ago we thought we had heard the last off the 3rd party Snapchat client, but it seems zombie-like the app has once again risen from the dead.

The developer has continued to work on the app, which is now up to version 1.2.6, and now supports 2 factor authentication login.

The app now also supports the ability to change the API endpoint, which presumably means the app will be more resilient to changes at the back-end communicating with Snapchat’s servers.

Of course despite the developer’s efforts the app’s future continues to be tenuous, which users should bear in mind when they consider spending £1.19 for the app. On the other hand that’s less than a cup of coffee, which suggests it’s not really worth your time to worry about.

The app currently supports:

  • login with your existing account
  • send image and video messages
  • receive text, image and video messages
  • mark messages as viewed, screenshot or replayed

He is working on

  • adding friends
  • sending text messages
  • image and video editor
  • saving messages to history
  • camera on the first page
  • posting and viewing persistent messages

If you regularly purchase coffee and wish you had Snapchat download Specter from the store here.

Developer: JJones
Price: Free