Snapchat 2: Developer working on 3rd party Pokemon Go app for Windows Phone


Despite numerous rumours there seems little prospect of Pokemon Go ever coming to Windows Phone. The craze has however caused huge demand from Windows Phone users, with more than 88,000 users signing a petition requesting an app from Niantic.

Now ST-Apps, the developer of of One Auth has posted a proof of concept gif showing off a 3rd party app which lets you find and catch Pokemon.


The app lacks the fancy augmented reality features of the real game, but most users seem to turn those off in any case.

The developer is not releasing the app yet, as he is otherwise occupied, and believes that the currently unencrypted connection to Niantic’s servers will soon be encrypted and become in accessible. He is also concerned about legal issues.

If the connection however remains open he may return to the app in August and release an open source version.

Of course other developers should be able to take on such a project themselves if interested.

Windows Phone users may be rightfully gun-shy after long-running issues with Snapchat, and I would join them in not getting our hopes up, but in the mean time we have to admire the spirit of can do that is still prevalent in our community.

Read more about the developer and his work at Reddit here.

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