Snap assist in Windows 11 is getting smarter

June 30, 2023

Snap assist in Windows 11 is a beloved functionality that allows you to easily organize and arrange windows on you desktop. And, as we’ve spotted in the recently-released Build 23493 for insiders in the Dev channel, this feature is getting smarter with an addition of a few snap assist suggestions. 

“When hovering over the Minimize or Maximize button on an app (or WIN + Z) to launch the layout box, you will see app icons displayed in various layout options to help recommend the best layout option that works best,” says Microsoft.

As you can see, as spotted by Windows enthusiast @PhantomOfEarth, while these snap assist suggestions may not appear to function completely within the snap bar, they do operate effectively in the standard flyout menu.

This feature addition was initially observed in April of this year, specifically in Windows 11 Build 23435 within the Dev channel. However, during that period, the feature remained concealed and could only be enabled through the utilization of the third-party tool ViVeTool.

What are your thoughts about this little addition to the feature of Snap assist in Windows 11? Let us know in the comments!


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