Snake for Windows Phone 7

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snakeSnake for Windows Phone 7 is a modern take on the Classic Snake Game. Unlike the classic game where the snake only moved horizontal or vertical, here the snake moves at any angle depending on how the player tilts the device.

The Snake moves on it own on the screen in any particular direction. When the player tilts the device, the snake turns according to it. As the level progresses, the snakes speed increases.

As the snake eats food items the player scores points. Bonus food items get more points but expire sooner. The snake’s length increases as it eats food making it difficult to avoid biting itself. As the snakes length or speed increases, the player scores more point for each food item. Each time the snake bites its own tail, a Life is lost.

Snake is $0.99 and has a Free Trial version, so download and start playing now!

Search Marketplace for Snake or find it at this link here.