SmokingControl receive a face lift, Control your smoking habit in a simple yet elegant way – v2.0

Control your smoking habit in a simple yet elegant way!

Smoking Control received a complete face lift and is now back Major Version!

So, what its all about?

  • Monitor how many tobacco products you consume everyday and the elapsed time in-between them
  • How many remaining for the current day and suggest you the best time to consume your next tobacco product in the current 24 hours period
  • Will inform how many tobacco product consumed in the current day, how many remaining and the estimated best time for you to consume the next tobacco product
  • Set a global or per-day smoking limit
  • Visual line graph to analyze consumption on period such as 5, 30 or 365 days
  • Current day consumption log
  • Live Tiles/Notification support – take advantages of the Live Tiles and notifications, for when the application is not running

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