#SmokedByWindowsPhone Challenge Extended, Watered Down



It’s the promotion that just won’t end! Microsoft has extended its Smoked challenge at their retail stores for another week, albeit with a change.

The challenge is the same: Windows Phone vs. customer’s smartphone, complete 1 task out 6, picked at random. The change now, however, is that if you win you get a $1000 gift card instead of a laptop (not much of a change since the laptop was worth a little more than $1000 anyway), and if you don’t win, instead of exchanging your POS phone for a cost-free contract-free Windows phone, you only get a $25 gift card, limited to the first 250 people per day.

Still an easy way of getting a $25 gift card that you can use to buy a case or some Microsoft Points, but who else thinks they’ve already milked this idea for all it’s worth?

Oh, and before you ask, NO, you cannot use Microsoft Store gift cards at their online store at this time.

Thanks William for the tip.

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