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Smoke Tracker Helps You Stop Smoking

If you smoke, you might have noticed how hard it is to stop, or how much of your cash goes into it, and so this app can help. The app created by an XDA member c0rnholio, who thought of a new way to help you stop smoking, and show you the cost of your addiction.

The app is a freeware, and as you can see on the image to the left, it is not the most prettiest app out there, but you can see that it could be very useful. With the simple design, easy to read wording, and time to next smoke countdown, you can easily try to hold back and stay on track.

I made a small program that helps me to keep an eye on how much cigarettes I smoke. It is made for people (like me) who want’s to reduce their tabaco consumption or stop smoking by reducing consumption over a period of time.
It’s simple to use, so you wont be bugged by heavy usability. Just run it and click "Got one…" whenever you smoke a cigarette. The overall daily rate is stored in a xml file for each day. By using the calendar navigator you can track how much you smoked on which day.
By setting up thresholds you can define audible alerts (2 .wav are included) and the colour of the counter gets red when the threshold exceeds.
Threshold 1 plays "cough.wav", and Threshold 2 plays "smoke-that.wav".
To Enable the "Smoke Advisor" (available since version 0.3) got to the settings page and enable it and set the average hours you smoke per day, so for example if you stand up at 08:00 in the morning and go to bed at 22:00 in the evening set the SA-Hours to 14. The "Smoke Advisor" works by calculating the time between each cigarette in corosponding to your daily target setting and the smoking hours. Now, if the timespan between you smoked the last cig and the moment you press "got one" is shorter than the calculated value you will get a warning which you can follow or ignore.
To get the monay tracker to work, just go to menu->settings and write down the price per cig. If the .(dot) does not work when you try to enter a price, try a , (comma) instead and does so vice versa.
Planned features for future version:

– Add option to give reason why you smoked per cig (example: Bored, Angry, Stress, Daily routine, party, etc…)
– Add option to support you smoking less by defining a timeframe for reduction

If you have any comments or suggestions for more features, feel free to post here.
If this program helps you reducing your cigarette consumption, feel free to donate some of the money you saved that way 😉
Enjoy it, as usual, it’s freeware!

Download it

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