SmartThings wants to update its Windows Phone app every month

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When it comes to app updates from major companies, Windows Phone is not the first most of the time. Recently, Samsung’s SmartThings announced that the company will be updating its Windows Phone app with new features every month. The upcoming updates from the company will be mostly focused on stability and bug fixes, but these will also include new features and design improvements.

In a blog post, Leah from SmartThings stated:

“Instead of doing a large app interface overhaul like we did with iOS and Android, we’ll be releasing individual features over time. The size of each app development team is proportional to the number of SmartThings customers on that platform, so our Windows Mobile team is smaller (though no less dedicated!) than our iOS and Android teams. We plan to do these version releases approximately once a month with a primary focus on stability and bug fixes, but which will frequently be accompanied by updates to features, functionality, and design.”

SmartThings also announced that the company will be rolling out the Rooms feature for its Windows Phone app sometime soon, which should be a very nice addition.

Nonetheless, it’s always great to see companies supporting their Windows Phone apps every now and then. If you use SmartThings, are you looking forward to the upcoming updates? Let us know in the comment section below.