SmartThings gets Logitech Harmony integrations


28, 2014

Logitech revealed its home automation devices few weeks ago. The company’s Harmony devices were able to integrate with Nest, Lutron and Phillips Hue. However, SmartThings has today announced that the company’s connected home accessories will now be able to integrate with Logitech Harmony devices. For example, you can setup an action to turn on your lights as soon as you enter your home. Here are several SmartThings triggers:

  • mode change
  • contact sensor opens/closes
  • acceleration detected
  • motion starts/stops
  • switch turned on/off
  • person, pet, or car arrives/departs
  • button press
  • scheduled time

This triggers will be able to:

  • Turn on Cable TV When You Return Home
  • Turn off the Stereo When You Leave
  • Turn on My PlayStation or Xbox When You Change to Game Mode
  • …and much more

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