Smartphone March Madness: Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Vote now!



Those photo comparisons of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs the Nokia Lumia 920 has arrived just in time, as we now have clear evidence of one area where the Nokia Lumia 920 is clearly superior to the still unreleased and largely untested Samsung Galaxy S4.

While the Samsung Galaxy S 4 beats the specs of the Nokia Lumia 920 in all areas, in terms of quality (build, screen, photo etc) I suspect our favourite handset will continue to come out ahead.

While LaptopMagazine’s Smartphone Madness 2013 play-off has not reached its final yet, I think this is the round we have all been waiting for.

Vote for your favourite smartphone at LatopMagazine’s page here.

PS: While we are at it, the Wall Street Journal would also like to know what your favourite smartphone is.  Vote here.

Thanks Ferrarifan for the tip.