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24, 2013

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PhoneWe all love our smartphones, right? We can’t go out without them and when we can’t feel them in our pocket we get a shock. Some of us even take a bath with their smartphone once, until they realize it isn’t that fortunate for the device.

Yes, our ways to communicate have changed in the last years, thanks to the smartphone. And the smartphone is no longer just a communicating device but also a camera, a music player, a computer and an accessory – all in one. Therefore we, of course, want our loved mobile phone to last as long as possible. So many people buy cases, bags and screen protectors for their devices – but does this really make any sense or are there better ways to protect your smartphone? And how to clean it properly? Find out after the break.

Screen protectors – yes or no?

Screen protectors are basically a nice thing since scratches on screens can be really annoying, at least to most people. I think even the smallest scratch already is disturbing and other don’t care even if their whole screen is cracked. However, we all pretty much agree that an unbroken screen is much better than a damaged one. Therefore screen protectors are a good thing on most phones.

Most smartphones already have a so called “Gorilla Glass” screen. This one is not invulnerable but much more resistant against scratches than other sorts of glass. Still, there is one enemy even gorilla glass can’t compete against: Sand. And in combination with water it’s even more dangerous. And the problem is: There is always liquid on your screen, whether it is sweat of your fingers or water because of the humidity in your region.

A screen protector can help. When it’s scratched it can be changed easily, not so the screen. So when you are living in a sandy area or always have sand in your pocket you better put one on. Some devices, like the Nokia Lumia 920 or the just announced Lumia 625 have a curved glass which means screen protectors can’t cover the whole screen. There is always a border on the edges and it destroys the smooth feeling of the screen when swiping over the edges. Anyways, I personally rather have an undamaged screen than a smooth feeling when swiping.

However, how to put them on without bubbles and dust? That’s not that easy but still possible. Let me explain:

First of all you should clean your phone with a dry microfiber cloth. Then you start on the top or the bottom of the device and place the screen protector evenly in the middle while you stick it parallel to the bezel on the screen. When you see there’s dust under the protector don’t disengage and don’t unstick the whole protector. Lift up the part with the dust, take a bit of tape and try to get the mote from the protector. Maybe you need to do this several times but once it’s done you will see the difference. After you are sure there’s no more dust on the screen you can start getting rid of the air bubbles. The best is you take a card (maybe a credit card), put a microfiber cloth over it to be sure you are not scratching the whole protector and then you swipe over the bubbles from the middle to the edges. You do this until all air bubbles are gone and voila, everything is done. Sometimes you’ll get it right in just two minutes, sometimes you need half an hour. Just be patient and stay calm then everything will go as you desire.

Bags, a nice accessory or a killer?

Many people get bags for their devices. There are plenty of great and nice looking ones out there, but are they really protecting the device?

Mostly not. A tight bag can damage your phone. Like I already mentioned above sand is a killer for every screen and it can accumulate in the bag which means your screen may become scratched. Better just put your phone in your pocket. Of course there sand can also accumulate but mostly your pockets are not as narrow as phone bags which means they are not rubbing directly on the device’s screen plus you are, hopefully, changing your trousers way more often than your phone bag.

I had to make a bad experience with phone bags myself: The screen of my Lumia 920, which people already hammered a knife on, scratched because of a narrow bag with sand in it.

What about soft or hard covers?

Soft and hard covers are a nice thing. When your smartphone falls to the ground it doesn’t get too damaged. So when you are a clumsy person you better get one of those. However, be sure to sometimes take it of to clean your phone as under the cover sand and dust can accumulate, which of course does not damage your screen, but may scratch the back of your device, which brings us to the next part…

How to clean a smartphone properly:

When you are noticing your smartphone does need a little bit of cleaning do not use liquids in any way. Liquids can get to the inside of your loved smartphone through holes like the speakers or the gaps between screen and housing. Also chemicals like glass-cleaners may harm your screen. Most smartphones have an anti-oil coating on the surface of their screen (that’s why fingerprints are not as visible on touchscreens as on normal glass like windows) which can be attacked by chemicals. Normally nothing should happen when you use glass-cleaner, but it can’t be excluded completely.

Better take a dry piece of cotton and rub it over the back and front of your device. You will be surprised: After this your phone will feel as it was new. You also can clean your screen with cotton; the fluff remaining after the clean can easily be blown away.

When you are on the way and don’t have any cotton or similar you can use your shirt. Be sure not to press too hard in case there is a bit of sand on it and that the material is smooth. Still, I recommend waiting till you are at home and cleaning it with cotton or microfiber. The shirt should be used only rarely.

And when it’s too late?

When you already have scratches on your screen or a damaged housing there isn’t much that can be done. You can of course get your device repaired but that can become expensive very quickly. When you already have a scratch on your screen better put a protector on so it doesn’t get any bigger. When your housing is damaged put a cover on it; many covers, like Nokia’s originals, don’t make the device much thicker and look only barely like cases; these can make your phone beautiful again.

Of course you can try to change damaged parts by yourself, but we don’t recommend doing so since warranty and guarantee lapse and you may make everything even worse.

What else to pay attention for?

You always should keep an eye on your pockets: There shouldn’t be any sand in there and also your smartphone shouldn’t be exposed to sharp parts. When you are washing your trousers always pull out your pockets so they get washed properly.
Also you shouldn’t put your phone into the same pocket as your keys and money. Even if gorilla glass is said to be able to compete against them, you shouldn’t take any risk when it comes to your smartphone Zwinkerndes Smiley

 Do you know more ways to protect or clean a smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!

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