Small Square Screens making a come back with Windows Phone 8 Apollo?

imageWith the recent Ars Technica article on finding iOS 6 iPad with a HD screen in their server logs, we decided to see what was hiding on ours.

The look at our last month’s server logs showed 10 visits to our mobile website with an IE10 browser, all originating either from a Microsoft or AT&T IP address.

The screen resolutions had the most interesting story to tell, with 4 hits from an IE10 browser with a 480×480 screen resolution, and 2 from an IE9 browser with a 480×480 screen resolution. 

We know Nokia is looking at a Blackberry or E6-type design with a front-facing keyboard, but the screen resolution is somewhat unexpected.  One would have expected Microsoft would have merely used landscape 480×800, but on the other hand, by merely making the screen less tall but still the same width this does prevent compatibility issues with apps not designed for landscape mode.

Would our readers buy a Windows Phone with a front-facing keyboard and small square screen? Let us know below.