How a small business called Further uses Surface Pro 4 to run their business smoothly

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Megan and Marshal Dostal’s innovative business is called Further, a sustainable, premium brand of soaps and lotions made from restaurant’s waste oil. Microsoft today highlighted how Further is using Surface Pro 4, Windows, Office as well as pen and touch to keep their sustainable, premium business running smoothly.

Megan and Marshall Dostal’s innovative business started out with their plan to collect waste oil from restaurants to make biodiesel. The primary bi-product of that process is glycerin, and that’s the key ingredient in soap. Now they produce Further, a sustainable, premium brand of soaps and lotions that they sell right back to those restaurants. As Marshall will tell you himself, sometimes “a small idea can turn a big idea”.

Surface Pro 4 is a perfect device to keep a business like Further running, with the power to Office applications like PowerPoint and Excel and the portability of a tablet with Pen and touch.

You can check out more such business use cases of Surface Pro 4 devices here. Microsoft Store is now offering a discount of $200 for the Core i5/128GB Surface Pro 4 device in the United States.  Read more about this deal here.