Sliverlight for Windows Mobile gets CTP release in December



A leaked Silverlight for Windows Mobile application indicates that the flash-competitor technology has seen an updated Community Technology Preview release this month.

Silverlight, which has been available on the desktop for some time now, has still not seen any official release on Windows Mobile devices, despite promises of an end-of-year release in June.

The application, which is a photo gallery demo, can be downloaded here, and contains, in the installation instructions, this text:

Silverlight 2 for Windows Mobile December 2008 CTP MSI

The application, which can be run on the dekstop if Silverlight is installed, does indicate how powerful the technology can be in terms of user-interface development, an area where the Windows Mobile software framework has fallen behind significantly.

Hopefully a full release of Silverlight for Windows Mobile will not been too far way, but if any of our readers want to share their CTP we promise to deliver free Windows Mobile stories for a week 😉 .

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