Sling TV Bringing Updated User Experience To Xbox One Users



Sling TV today announced several planned updates to their user interface on Xbox One. In addition to greater stability, improved streaming and bug fixes, they are improving the UI of guide.

Here’s how the updated guide works:

While viewing the mini guide, click “up” on the Xbox One controller. The mini guide will move to the top of screen and you will see the schedule and all VOD content available for that specific channel. This makes it easier to catch up on the last episode of your favorite show or binge watch an entire series.

Alt text

From this screen, you will be able to scroll left and right to quickly navigate from channel to channel just as you could from the mini guide.

Alt text

Another change in this week’s rollout includes the functionality for the “Y” button to be consistent with expected behavior on video applications. Now, when you press the “Y” button, it takes you to the user Search page. See below:

Alt text

Similar to the previous experience, when you type in a search query like “kids,” it will search TV shows, movies, actors and more. From there, you can select the content of your choice.

Alt text

Source: Sling

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