Slick Deals app for Windows Phone 7

slick deals has been an invaluable website that has assisted in my shopping during the holidays. I would go as far that it has been to my detriment at times in that I found myself purchasing items that I really didn’t need, but were such good deals to pass up! For example, I got Mad Men  seasons 1-3 for $10 each and Life documentary for $17 all in in Blu- ray.


Since 1999, has been providing a free information that submitted by the users about various products, free discount, promo codes, reviews and price comparisons. The users share their knowledge into a forum, and are using it for communication and various shopping tools. As a site that focuses on community, SlickDeals is never allowing paid placement from third party to be listed for front-page deal listings. So, every product that is being listed in front-page is pure from and for the users.

If you are like me, forever searching for deals on products, this would be a good app to check out.